Cindy's Skin Care

Cindy L. Wolk, Illinois & Texas Licensed Esthetician

Graduate of International School of Skin & Nails, Atlanta, Ga.

1200 hours of training and 80 continuing educations credits.

8 Years in business in downtown Chicago!! I believe in giving each client exceptional service at an affordable price. I have personally researched the top brand facial products and I have found a product line that I love and trust.   

All of my products have been tested for over 30 years by estheticians in the field and chemists.

The manufacturing labs use Plant & Mineral Sources, not those from animals or petroleum. The products contain multi-functional antioxidants, standardized botanicals, phytonutrients and other performance ingredients that have been proven bio-effective in scientific studies. Then, the ingredients are used at the same concentrations as used in the test studies, not diluted. They do not use petrolatum, lanolin, solvent alcohols, synthetic color, synthetic fragrance or comedogenic ingredients. Only gentle preservatives are used and the use of emulsifiers is limited because it makes the skin dry, sensitive and irritable.

All products are tested CRUELTY FREE!!

We test on estheticians, not animals!!  Estheticians test and approve each product before they go out to the marketplace.